Magic in trouble

With the weave in disarray, magic is in a chaotic state. Even the most experienced spell casters have a hard time tapping into the weave to cast their spells. With no divine presence, divine casting has suffered the worst.

Casting spells

To cast a arcane spell you must make a dc 15+ twice spell level, divine dc 17+ twice spell level. This is a caster level check, D20 plus caster level. Deific characters can use their surge ability.

If the check fails the spell falls to chaos. Roll a d20 and see below:

  1. You can only speak in rhyme and you can’t control the volume of your voice for 5 minutes
  2. Spell goes off normally
  3. You cast grease centered on yourself
  4. A random creature within 60ft becomes poisoned for 4 hours
  5. You change gender for 3 hours
  6. You regain your lowest level spell slot
  7. You grow a long beard made of feathers that remain until you sneeze.
  8. Illusory butterflies and flower petals flutter in the air within 10 feet of for the next minute
  9. You can take one additional action
  10. You cast a fireball 3rd level centered on you
  11. You increase your size by one category for 1 minute
  12. You cast fly on a random target within 60 ft
  13. You cast confusion centered on you
  14. You regain 2d10 Hit points
  15. Each creature within 30ft turns invisible for the next minute, as the invisibility spell.
  16. You turn into a potted plant until the start of your next turn. During this time you are vulnerable to all damage and incapacitated.
  17. Spell goes off normally
  18. Creatures suffer -4 penalty on the next saving throw cast by you
  19. You cast polymorph on yourself, if you fail the save you become a sheep for the duration.
  20. Your spell is maximized and enlarged

Magic in trouble

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